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ACC 561 Question 13-49 Variances

ACC 561 Question 13-49 Variances
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Solution Guide / Answer Key:

ACC 561
Axia College of University of Phoenix (UoP)
Introduction to Management Accounting
Horngren, C. T., Sundem, G. L., Stratton, W. O., Burgstahler, D., & Schatzberg, J. (2008). Introduction to Management Accounting (14th ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson-Prentice Hall.

3. Individual Assignment: Text Exercises

• Complete the following Problem Sets from the text. Show your work.

Question 13-49, Variances, on p. 622

13-49 Variances
Study Appendix 13. Consider the following data regarding factory overhead:
Variable Fixed
Budget for actual hours of input $45,000 $70,000
Applied 41,000 64,800
Budget for standard hours allowed
for actual output achieved ? ?
Actual incurred 48,500 68,500
Using the above data, fill in the following blanks with the variance amounts. Use F for favorable or U for unfavorable for each variance.
Total Overhead Variable Fixed
1. Spending variance ______ ______ ______
2. Efficiency variance ______ ______ ______
3. Production-volume variance ______ ______ ______
4. Flexible-budget variance ______ ______ ______
5. Underapplied overhead ______ ______ ______



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