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MT445 Unit 7 Review

MT445 Unit 7 Review
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MT445 / MT 445
Managerial Economics
Kaplan University (KU Campus)

William A. McEachern
Economics: A Contemporary Introduction, 8e
Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Unit 7: Regulation, Antitrust, Public Goods, and Public Choice

Unit 7 Review / Quiz Answers

1. Which of the following occurs if firms are able to restrict output and raise price? (Points: 1)

2. Production by a monopoly would result in the socially optimal allocation of resources if (Points: 1)

3. If firms accused of antitrust violations sign a consent decree, they have (Points: 1)

4. Generally, people are more satisfied with private market outcomes than with public voting outcomes because (Points: 1)

5. Rationality implies that in order to get what they want, people will spend the most time and effort (Points: 1)

6. Special-interest groups have little incentive to (Points: 1)

7. Property rights can be defined and enforced (Points: 1)

8. At the market output and price for a good whose production causes pollution, (Points: 1)

9. When a citizens' group opposes expansion of the prison located in town, the basis of the opposition is that the larger prison will produce (Points: 1)

10. If education creates positive externalities, (Points: 1)



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